Baobab Batik

Baobab Batik was founded in 1991, by Els Hooft, and has since then been producing high quality batik interior décor products and accessories. Our vision is to be a leading example, in Swaziland and globally, of a social enterprise using thought leadership and innovation to improve the lives of women and their communities

Today you can visit our shop at Malandela’s to see a wide range of products, from modern interior décor, to scarves, leggings and an eclectic kids’ collection. In addition to our signature Wildlife collection. 

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Our different scarves collections are made from a soft rayon and come in two types; tubular and long. They can accessorize any outfit, and add a pop of colour.


Our leggings are comfortable to wear when curling up on the sofa, or when exercising. They come in three different sizes, and five different designs.



We offer a wide homeware range, in different patterns and colours. When developing new collections, we aim to design products that can fit in any home, around the world. At the same time as we are inspired by our local surroundings. The result is an interesting combination of international and Swazi influences, combined in unique designs.


In our retail store you can also find our signature Wildlife collection, which is inspired by the magnificent natural surroundings we are living in. A product from this collection is a true African souvenir!