All Out Africa

All Out Africa offers inspirational travel experiences in amazing destinations in southern Africa provided by an experienced and dedicated team.

All Out Africa is a group of companies based in South Africa, Eswatini, Mozambique and Botswana. It includes a non-profit foundation, social enterprise and responsible travel business. The non-profit foundation arm implements important social and conservation projects and runs two research centers. The social enterprise arm offers volunteer, student and internship experiences which do social and environmental good. The responsible travel business arm offers responsible cultural, wildlife and adventure tours and also runs two award winning lodges. Our goal is to share our passion for southern Africa’s people, places and wildlife with the world and offer experiences that change lives.

All Out Africa has hosted over six thousand volunteer and tour participants and many more lodge guests since its inception in 2004. Many of these people have become friends and ambassadors and are helping in various ways to build a better world. All Out Africa is dedicated to people, wildlife, travel, safety, education and entrepreneurship. We have built lasting friendships with our partners and are deeply engaged in the local communities and conservation areas we work in and committed for the long term. Join us on adventures that change lives.



Be more than a tourist and holiday with purpose by joining a volunteer experience with All Out Africa! Help people and wildlife in need by volunteering your time to assist on one of our long-term projects; let us organize an all-inclusive package including support, tours accommodation, food and transport so you can make the most of your available time.

This is an opportunity to experience genuine and sustainable community development or conservation practice, understand a new culture and environment, make new friends, see spectacular sights and wildlife all whilst making a difference in the world and having fun in the process!

To help with your selection you can browse our opportunities by type of volunteer experience or by the destination to volunteer in. Alternatively if you’re an experienced or older volunteer, traveling as a family, couple or group then find out more about how we can custom an experience for you!


2019 Safari Packages

The Kingdom of Eswatini

Come see the small, but majestic Kingdom of Eswatini. This country is packed full of surprising and beautiful scenery. From the rolling mountains in the north to the savannah’s of the south, Swazi landscapes are unmatched. The country gives the perfect opportunity for a glimpse into rural African life, culture and wildlife.

South Africa

The vast  country of South Africa has a ton to offer! Especially in the historic city of Cape Town. Where urban bustle and coastal vibes collide to create the perfect destination spot. Venture into the northern suburbs for wine tasting or lay on the beach on either the Indian or Atlantic ocean, tour the amazing markets or get up close with the harbour seals.


Welcome to paradise! White sand, palm fringed beaches accompanied with a vibrant culture make Mozambique an amazing location to escape. Enjoy relaxing by the crystal clear ocean, or perhaps go for a dive beneath it and catch a glimpse of the aquatic treasures that call these shores home.