Social Impact

Malandela's centre has always been driven by Jenny's and Pete's humanitarian spirit, and as such all businesses at the centre incorporate social or environmental missions at the heart of their operations.

In addition to business contributions, the centre is also home to NGO's Gone Rural boMake and Moya Centre. Young Heroes is a Swati NGO and has benefited from our annual MTN Bushfire Festival’s proceeds for the past 10 years and alongside the Legacy Project is an important part of the Festival's commitment towards inspiring and investing in the next generation.



Founded in 2006, BoMake (meaning Women) Rural Projects is a community led non-profit organization that aims to make a sustainable impact in the lives of women artisans and their families through the implementation of equitable, social and economic community development projects. BoMake’s focal areas are Health, Education and Sustainable Livelihoods. To date the organization has implemented 24 water systems, built over 900 pit latrines , and constructed community halls, pre-schools and libraries across 52 communities Each year the organization also supports close to 200 high school students in tuition fees and out of school psycho social services.

BoMake Rural Projects thematic areas:

  • Education

  • Health

  • WASH & Community Development

  • Women’s Empowerment


MTN Bushfire’s Legacy Project seeks to engage the local community of Malkerns and Mahlanya in socially uplifting programs that impart creative skills and promote social behavior change through fun and dynamic workshop experiences in the lead up and during the festival itself.

This Festival outreach initiative is a commitment by MTN Bushfire and its partners to create an increasingly inclusive festival program where members of our local youth community become active participants to generate a sustainable arts legacy that instills skills and motivation in youth to become arts and creative industry entrepreneur.


The main beneficiary of MTN Bushfire is Young Heroes, with this deep partnership dating back to the very first MTN Bushfire. Since then, the festival and its partners have sponsored over E1,858,775 to the organization,enabling Young Heroes to provide food and clothing to over 1,000 orphans. With a portion of every ticket sale going directly to Young Heroes, MTN Bushfire guests are part of enabling the organizations’ programs:

  • Life-Support Grants

  • Healthcare Program

  • Skills Training Empowerment Program (STEP)

  • HIV Prevention for Adolescents and Young Women

  • Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

  • Income Generating Activities for OVC caregivers

  • Mobile Clinic

Young Heroes began as a response to the number of children who were orphans from HIV/AIDS in eSwatini. It was established by eSwatini’s National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) and was launched in 2006. The purpose was to provide relief services to the orphans through cash transfers (Life Support Grants) and has since expanded to the NGO’s vocational skills training empowerment program, healthcare, HIV prevention, and projects sustaining OVC at Neighborhood Care Points (NCP).


Malandela's Indigenous Nursery founder Roland Thorne continues the work that his parents started here on the farm in preserving and reintroducing indigenous species. Together with his wife Signhild they not only nurture the beautiful gardens and grounds at Malandela's but are passionate about preserving the biodiversity of our beautiful nation though making these trees and plants available to the wider community. 



The Moya Centre practices a holistic approach which acknowledges the person, the family, the school and the community. All are inter-dependent.

Moya Centre’s programs and projects are aimed at:
• Support at an individual and family level for OVCs
• Support for schools
• The broader community context

At the heart of its programmes stands the child interconnected with its family, the school and its community. Our aim is to build up the emotional resilience, support and confidence of our children so they can complete their schooling careers successfully.  To ensure that each child has sufficient guidance and mentoring our psycho-social support department is involved in all programmes.